Volume IX - Issue III - March 2007


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Key Performance Indicators for Consultancies:
How to Use Per-Project Labor Cost Data to Analyze
KPIs for Your Consulting Company

By Curt Finch


Companies that sell services to other businesses—data management, software development or IT consultancies, for example—often track time in order to automate invoicing, but they may be overlooking the other benefits these systems can provide.  Real-time access to relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as ‘percent billable’ and ‘completed vs. estimated’ can give early warnings of project problems and lead your company to faster growth and more profitability.  I would first like to explain what KPIs are, and then show you how to use some simple ones to improve your business that can be calculated from any time and data labor source. 


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About the Author:

Curt Finch

Curt Finch is the CEO of Journyx (http://pr.journyx.com), a provider of free Web-based software located in Austin, Texas, USA that automates billing, payroll & project management by tracking time, expenses and mileage. Finch is a software industry veteran. In 1997, Curt created the world's first Internet-based timesheet application and the foundation for the current Journyx product offering. Curt has managed development teams creating enterprise-level software solutions since 1985, with a focus on distributed workforce management.  In 1992, Finch led the team porting Tivoli's product line to the AIX operating system, which led to the company's acquisition by IBM.  As a member of the executive team, Curt helped launch The Kernel Group (TKG), a venture-backed firm that grew to 50 employees and $7.5 million in sales during his tenure. Curt has a B.S. in Computer Science from Virginia Tech University in the USA.  Curt Finch can be reached at



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Client - Contractor Relations: How Changing from “Master – Slave” to a “Master – Master” Relationship can Lead to More Successful Project Delivery

By J. Ajith Kumar


One of the most important aspects that decide the success or failure of any project is the nature of relationship that develops between the Client and the Contractor. In office environments which are increasingly becoming paperless, the importance of personal relationships cannot be over emphasised. It is an absolute must within a company but equally important between companies even if some of them happens to be the Clients and others the Contractors. Givers and Takers are in the basic nature of business transaction and the role of various companies in various contracts will be different. What is relevant is the development of permanent policies for each company in dealing with their Clients or Contractors. Like in the case human beings, development of value-based policies for dealing with others is always more stable and long lasting for companies.



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About the Author:

J. Ajith Kumar

J. Ajith Kumar is a graduate in Chemical engineering from Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, India and has over 25 years experience in various Project Management roles with many reputed engineering consultants like FEDO, Belleli, ILF, Parsons and WorleyParsons. Presently he heads the Project Services Department in WorleyParsons in the Sultanate of Oman. He can be reached at



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