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PM World Today is a leading online Project Management eJournal with a worldwide distribution.  PM World Today is published on a monthly basis by and includes Interviews, Viewpoints, Case Studies, Featured Papers, Research Papers, Student Papers, PM Tips & Techniques, and timely news articles of interest to project management professionals worldwide.  Submissions of articles and papers of high quality related to professional project management are welcomed for consideration.



Rules for Submissions

General Rules

  • Be clear and concise, simple is better, brevity is best. 
  • Separate your paper into three general areas:
  • Introduction - Tell them what you’re going to tell them.
  • Body – Tell them.
  • Summary or Conclusion – Tell them what you told them, and why.
  • Be careful when using any acronyms and/or technical terms.  When using acronyms spell out the acronym the first time it is used followed by the acronym (in parentheses) .  Then throughout the paper use the acronym alone. Example:  Project Management World Today (PMWT)
  • Except for Viewpoints Articles, articles should be written in the" third person".
  • Divide the composition into 3 to 4 major topics.  Head each topic and limit content to 1 to 2 sub topics.
  • Limit each sub topic to 3 to 4 paragraphs (or as outlined under specific category below).  This will result in each paragraph having 100 – 150 words.
  • No more than 5 images total in longer papers (Featured papers & case studies); 1-2 images in shorter articles.
  • Submissions should be in English language (check with us prior to submitting foreign language translated copies to accompany the English version) and submitted in MS Word format, with images included.
  • All submissions should be original and not have been previously published.  If previously published, we must be notified.  If a previously published article or paper is accepted, then reprint authorization must be received from both the author and original publisher.
  • Each author should submit a summary bio and digital photo (.JPG), and should indicate country of residence and which national flag(s) to be used with bio.
  • Authors retain copyrights, and will approve any republications requested by other

Viewpoint Articles

Viewpoint articles should be limited to between 5-10 paragraphs, or max of 1,500 words. One page is approximately 500 words, so a viewpoints article will normally be two pages or less.

Case Studies

Case Studies should be limited to between 10-35 paragraphs, or max of 5,000 words, with 2-4 graphics or images included.

Featured Papers

Featured Papers should be seriously researched and produced professional papers, similar to what might be presented at a professional conference or symposium. Papers should generally be limited to 5-7 pages, 30 paragraphs, or max of 5,000 words. Featured Papers are expected to qualify for 15 professional development units (PDUs) for PMP recertification by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), according to category 2B on page 6 in PMI's Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Program Handbook. Therefore, Featured Paper submittals will be reviewed with such quality criteria in mind. Featured Papers may include up to 5 charts, tables, graphics or images.

Research Papers

Research Papers may also qualify for 15 PDUs and should be of a professional or academic quality.  Research Papers should be limited to 50 paragraphs, or approximately 5,000 words.

Student Papers

Student Papers should be limited to between 10-35 paragraphs, or max of 5,000 words. Along with the author photo (JPG) and short bio, please provide the name of the sponsoring professor, and name and address of the school or university.

PM Tips and Techniques

PM Tips and Techniques articles should be limited to between 5-10 paragraphs, or max of 1,000 words.


Interviews should include photos of those being interviewed, and a copy of the written permission/release of the interviewee for the interview to be published in PM World Today. 


While specific categories have their limitations in length, basic principles to authoring apply to all submissions as outlined in the introduction.  After publication, author bios will be showcased on the Contributing Authors section of the PMWT Team page on the website.  We look forward to receiving your professional contributions to PM World Today.


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