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PM World Today has developed long-term relationships with the following Strategic Alliance Partners.  Please review the information provided below and visit their websites.  These are reputable organizations and universities serving the world of project management.



The Institute of Project Management of Ireland (IPMI) was founded in 1989 to help individuals and organisations in both the public and private sectors to develop knowledge of and high-quality capability in Project Management. IPMI provides a focal point and mechanism for the development and promotion of Project Management in Ireland on a professional basis. IPMI is at the forefront of the development of Project Management theory and practice in Ireland. It is recognised as "Ireland's premier Project Management Authority". It has researched and published papers and has been involved closely with the application of programme management techniques in major Irish organisations. IPMI is a non-profit organisation sponsored by the training and courses organisation, the Institute of Project Management. The Institute has cooperation agreements with the world's leading project management bodies, including the International Project Management Association (IPMA) based in Zurich and The Project Management Institute (PMI®) based in the United States. Within the IPMA family of 40 countries, it is the National Association for Ireland. The Institute is recognized internationally as the leading Irish organisation for the promotion of project management.

The Institute spearheads certification, education and research in Ireland. It also establishes standards, provides seminars, and seeks to promote Irish PMs and the project management expertise of Ireland Inc. to the world community. Principal objectives of IPMI include (1) To advance the theory and practice of Project Management in Ireland; (2) To establish, maintain and heighten public awareness in general, and business awareness in particular, of Project Management as a critical, clearly defined and recognisable business knowledge and skills set, with relevance to all types of organisations, in both the public and private sectors, at all levels of the organization; (3) To work with educational institutions to provide for the training and career development needs of Project Management and to promote academic and industrial research in Project Management; and (4) To define standards for entry level qualification for competency in Project Management and to establish and administer a certification process that has Irish and International recognition and acceptance. For additional information, visit




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